Responding to God's Presence

Responding to God's Presence is our foundation course, we recommend everyone should start here. If you want to go deeper in your relationship with God it's so important to understand how praise, worship, thanksgiving & prayer work and how to implement them on a daily basis. Tom has distilled over 30 years of teaching experience on these subjects into this course. When you implement these principles we know your lfe will be transformed, just like thousands who have done this course before you.


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Course Overview:


In this online course you will learn

The quality of a believer’s life is based on intimacy with God and authority over the enemy, and in that order. Intimacy is developed with thanksgiving, praise, worship and prayer, from which flow authority, and many personal benefits.

The four subjects are distinctly different in scripture and are given to us to respond to God’s presence. King David’s intimacy with God birthed and sustained his authority over all his enemies and established the kingdom more than any other king.

Here are just a few things mentioned in the course.


  • Worship is associated with the prophetic timetable of the Church to reach its most glorious state of revival before Jesus returns

  • How God wants you to develop a constant hunger for Him rather than an occasional fullness

  • Worship is not the last slow song you sang, but the last thing you did that God told you to do

  • You can change your environment wherever you are, because you have the spiritual authority of a worshiper

  • Spiritual forces of darkness in geographical areas are subject to the worship in that area

  • Worship is actually a ‘place’ in the spirit realm where God as the provider (Jehovah-Jireh) waits every time you visit

  • Nothing transforms a church more than worship, and nothing stagnates it more than a lack of worship

  • We can never prioritize anything above worship. If we do we give opportunity for idols to invade our lives and churches, cities and nations


  • Praise is the best way to express faith for things you believe God for

  • Life makes sense when you pursue God relentlessly and praise Him passionately

  • How to silence the enemy, enthrone God with praise and dethrone the enemy

  • Family praise protects our children

  • How to develop praise effortlessly as an outward expression of an inward explosion of God’s word

  • When you sing praise, you spark off a chain of events in the spirit realm for your benefit


  • The power released from a thankful heart has the potential to resurrect ‘dead’ things in your life
  • Thanksgiving is a distinguishing feature between the saved and the unsaved

  • Thanksgiving is a continual sound heard in heaven from the redeemed


  • A key to prayer is to be more excited about the Father who listens to our prayers than getting our prayers answered

  • God expects our prayers to be accompanied with thanksgiving, otherwise it’s questionable if we really believe He will answer them

  • You will learn that the protocol of prayer is as important as the content of prayer
  • We are racing toward the end of the Church age with a great roar of victorious praise and not a whimper

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