The Psalmody online membership is a subscription that has a duel function: you get to partner with the Psalmody ministry to help us get the message of worship out to the nations, and you receive all the membership benefits.

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Whats Included

Access to all Online Courses

With membership you have access to all our online courses, and all future courses. 

Monthly Teaching

Access to exclusive monthly video teaching with Tom Inglis, covering a variety of topics.

The Psalmist Newsletter

A monthly newsletter focused on worship ministry in the local church.

Psalmody School of Worship

The Psalmody school of worship course including all lessons, a culmination of over 30 years of development.

Membership is Partnering With Us

We believe this is more than just a subscription membership, it's a partnership with the ministry. You will receive the benefits of membership, but there is also another dimension.

Apostle Paul said to his partners, ‘No church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but you only.’ (Philippians 4:15). The Amplified Bible states, ‘entered into partnership.’ Partnership involves supporting something you believe is beneficial for the Kingdom and involves giving and receiving.

The ‘giving’ part of partnership generally includes financial and prayer support.

The ‘receiving’ part of partnership is to be a recipient in the spiritual blessings of the ministry you partner with.

God uses the principle of partnership to establish his kingdom and bless those who partner with him in the process.

Membership Options

You can choose to join with a monthly membership subscription, or you can save $60 with a yearly subscription. Make your choice below, we are excited to have you join us!