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The Psalmody School of Worship course in now available for online study. This is the best known course by Tom Inglis since originally developed over 35 years ago. It has touched thousands of lives all over the world and is now updated and formatted to reach a new generation of worshipers. This is not a course about music, but worship as a lifestyle that is for every believer. Join the countless others who have been transformed by the course, and start today!

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Tom is recognised by many as an apostle of worship who carries a prophetic word that is fresh and relevant for the church today. He has travelled across the world teaching the message of ‘worship as a lifestyle’ and is considered by many as a pioneer in the area. Those who hear Tom speak on the subject recognise the prophetic anointing and authority he carries for worship. His passion is to help raise up a generation of worshipers, and believes this will be one of the greatest hallmarks of the end-time church.


If you desire to grow in deeper relationship with God we have resources to help you

Worship Ministries

We help worship ministries get empowered with biblical understanding of worship


We help churches understand the why behind worship and prioritize God's Presence

If worship isn't anchored in the why, then it's doomed to become idolatrous. 

Worship is a major part of our church service but many don’t understand it’s importance and significance. If we don’t understand the ‘why of worship’, it can become a shallow, meaningless, religious expression devoid of God’s presence and power. 


Tom Inglis established Psalmody in 1984 and has seen the courses translated in 30+ languages and implemented in over 40 nations. Tom is an international speaker and author and is known for his depth of knowledge on the subject of worshipWatch the full video here.


Worship is developing a consciousness of God, and responding to His Presence

That response of worship can look like many things, our courses help you develop these practices of worship in your life.

Develop a Greater Consciousness of God

As you implement the principles of worship lifestyle you will grow in your consciousness of God's presence

Experience a Deeper Relationship with God

A worship lifestyle brings us into our purpose for life, which is growing in friendship with God everyday

Grow in a Biblical Understanding of Worship

Psalmody is known for its rich biblical understanding of worship, helping you grow

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Dr Ché Ahn

Psalmody is an invaluable resource for all Christians who desire to catch God’s
heart for worship and cultivate deeper intimacy in their walk with Jesus.  I believe these teachings will help you to fully embrace the biblical call to worship as a way of life.

Tim Story

Tom Inglis has been teaching people the Art of knowing, loving, and worshiping God for decades. His personal devotion to God has helped him mentor tens of thousands around the world. He teaches on how to know God better, and how to manifest the greater life that you desire.

Dr Theo Wolmarans

This will be the missing link for many people who have struggled in their faith. I highly recommend and endorse this exceptional detailed and meticulous research and study of this subject. Clearly divine revelation has been received for the church worldwide.


I couldn’t wait for the next lesson, thank you Tom for teaching me to really worship as a lifestyle - Melanie

It has opened a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with my Maker.  I am now so aware of the pleasure my worship gives my Heavenly Father - Margaret

Praise God for clear teaching on worship as a lifestyle. I am more in love with God and desire to continue to grow in worship - Phil