The Future of the Church

Feb 10, 2023

The Future of the Church


What took place at the tabernacle during the time of King David gives us insight into what will happen in the church, as God restores it. Although great things are happening in the church today, it’s essentially in a fallen down state compared to what it will be. We have a trickle of the glorious Church compared to the river that is coming of God’s presence and power. Jesus said out of your belly will flow-rivers of living water. This is prophetic of a Church with an insatiable thirst for God’s presence and power and who release it as rivers. 

It will not be an isolated revival here and there but a global awakening that will get the attention of nations. The tabernacle of David is prophetically linked with the greatest revival the world has ever seen, and you and I have a part to play in it.


The following are some highlights of what we can expect a revived remnant Church to look like, even during a time when many falling away from the faith. I wrote about this and have taught it in many in the Psalmody teachings.


1. Great expansion of the kingdom 

There will be a great harvest of souls as God expands the borders of His kingdom. A revival of such proportions unlike anything previous. We must focus and prepare for those who will be swept into the Kingdom (1 Chronicles 16:7-8, 23 -24) Message.


2. God’s presence will dominate church life

The tabernacle of Moses was at Gibeon during the time that David’s tabernacle was in Jerusalem, but it had no ark and no presence of God. It offered religion void of power, no healing, no deliverance, no intimacy with God that David’s tabernacle offered. The tabernacle of Moses at Gibeon (1 Chr 21:29; 2 Chr 1:3,13). The Tabernacle of David in Jerusalem (1 Chr 15:1)


3. Emergence of the glorious church

The glory of God was seen in tabernacle of David, an open tent with access to everyone who sought His presence. The glory of God was revealed through Jesus, and likewise the glory of God is being revealed in you. 


4. Revival of authority as kings and priests

King David was a man of great governmental influence and authority and subdued all the kingdoms around him. The throne upon which Jesus sits was established through King David, and His response to God’s presence with 24-hour worship. It’s time for the restoration of priests (intimacy) & kings (authority).  


5. Revival of worship and prayer

Jesus kingly authority operating through us cannot be established without worship, prayer, and His presence in our midst. This generation is arising with passionate worship and effective prayer that will accelerate the Church into realms of great exploits both within the Church and outside of it. King David said;

Psalm 27:4

One thing I have desired of the lord, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.


To ‘behold’ in worship is a picture of the restoration of passionate worship, and to ‘inquire’ is a restoration of fervent prayer. 

Next week we will look at more areas of restoration and highlight healing and prophecy, and how they will impact the end time Church in a most profound way.

Father, help me see more clearly what you are restoring and how I can be a part of it in Jesus name -Amen

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